PASandler Collage Artist

PASandler is a lyrical collage artist living in Toronto. She creates clever and canny mash-ups of design elements, magazine cutouts, printed images, her own photographs, and celebrated works of art. Fashioned from smudged and torn pieces of paper with ragged edges, her densely layered collages mix beauty with bizarre and familiar with fanciful to create dazzling works of art rich with vivid textures and vibrant colours. A close observer of the human condition, PASandler fashions art statements that are both thought provoking and visually rewarding.

In her collages, PASandler creates new purpose and order working with disparate components. She assembles scrambles and then reassembles elements to create work that is visually appealing in its composition, color and line. Once brought together, she breathes new life and fresh meaning in their juxtaposition. She takes elements from all kinds of publications such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, her own photographs, drawings and the Internet. By removing parts of images from their original context and reordering them, she gives them new import.

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